Casa colonica in Vendita a Alba Adriatica

Zona: Zona Basciani

700 mq 6 Locali
Codice: 1538 € 75.000
Informazioni immobile

Alba Adriatica, a few kms from the coast, in Basciani area, farmhouse to restore, 2 storeys for a total of about 700 m2 with building possibility of 2000 mc. Courtyard is approximately 2570 m2. Dominant position with a beautiful view. Located only 1.5 km from the motorway. Ideal for touristy activity "Alba Adriatica is a wonderful town situated near the mouth of the Vibrata river. It is the typical seaside resort particularly alive in summer, since thousands of tourists come here in order to enjoy the wonderful beaches. Excellent are the accommodation facilities. This centre has officially become a commune only in recent times, in 1956 when it was no longer a district of the near town of Tortoreto. In ancient times Alba Adriatica was a salt marsh and its territory was full of watchtowers. Only at the beginning of the 20th century the first residential districts were built.During World War II the town was heavily bombed. A well-known seaside resort, Alba Adriatica accommodates from 30.000 to 50.000 tourists, who crowd the 15 km of sand beaches along the sea-promenade and at night can find lots of entertainment for everybody. Worth a visit is the 16th century-watchtower and Villa Moscarini, a beautiful villa in the open countryside. Anciently, the area occupied today by the lively center of Alba Adriatica was an inhospitable marsh, formed through the centuries after the withdrawal of the sea with which reached once up to the hills. And it is on the hills that the early human settlements rose, as witnessed by the many archaeological findings common when excavating foundations of new buildings. An important turning point for Alba was the inauguration in 1863 of the small railway station TORTORETO - NERETO - CONTROGUERRA: several centers rose along the line and the hinterland started to show interest for that Adriatic coast which had been neglected for centuries. Alba Adriatica is located at an altitude of 5 m a.s.l. Distance from Teramo, the main town of the Province, is 37 km. How to reach it: - motorway: A14 from Rome, Bologna, Milan, M|nich and A24 from Rome, L'Aquila exit Teramo - bus, trains: from Teramo, Pescara - road: the Adriatica State road connecting Giulianova to Ascoli and State road from Teramo Distances - about 42 kilometers or 40 minutes from the ski resort of Montepiselli, Piagge; - about 73 kilometers or 50 minutes from the Pescara airport; - about 40 kilometers or 45 minutes from Teramo; - about 210 kilometers or 2 hours from Roma"

Informazioni immobile
Codice: 1538
Contratto: Vendita
Tipologia: Casa colonica
Regione: Abruzzo
Provincia: Teramo
Comune: Alba Adriatica
Zona: Zona Basciani
Prezzo: € 75.000
Totale mq: 700 mq
Locali: 6
Stato conservazione: Da ristrutturare

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